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Dear Friends,

Some BIG NEWS is in the air and a STORY ABOUT EVOLUTION.

The BIG NEWS is that Elora Hardy is going to be speaking at TED2015 in Vancouver 16th – 20th March. It’s a big step for everyone, and as you remember my TED talk added super powers to Green School recruitment. I know Elora’s talk will add super powers to the bamboo revolution she’s leading.

I don’t know how many of you are aware of it but she’s taking bamboo technology using artisans that hasn’t been reached anywhere else in the world.


This is where I was 14 months ago.

larger than life

And here I am today

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It’s been a journey. It’s been about shedding 50 pounds and changing a lot of things in my life. It was led by a gentleman by the name of Dr. John Ratcliffe. He’s an amazing healer. Here is a link to his book called Low Carb Made Easy and Biting Through.


Recently, I’ve become an amour of Dr. Gundry, a good friend of mine who is leading a major hotel group. He went out to find which doctor is really leading health in the world. I think The Gundry story is very simple. He was one of the top surgeons on the planet. He could do things no one else could and it lead to putting down his knife. He is healing thousands of people around the world with a change in their diets. Heart disease, diabetes, who knows the cancer?

Sugar is killing us and we all know it. But, not only does Dr. Gundry give you the diet to lose the pounds, he gives you a diet to rebuild and to extend your life. I have just given it a very good friend of mine and he read it in 3 days. He’s totally converted. He looks terrific after 3 weeks on the diet. Watch his video and buy the book called Diet Evolution. It works for everybody. It’s the most powerful thing I’ve encountered recently.


Mogok is the valley of ruby and sapphire in northern Burma. We’re leaving Bangkok on May 4th, and will be back in Bangkok on May 14. We are being escorted by an amazing woman named, Miemie Tin Htut. Her great grandfather was the king of Mogok. You need a special permit to enter this area, it’s an amazing possibility. We’ll also be stopping at Inle Lake and travelling back through Rangoon.

Let me know if you want to go. This is a once in a life time possibility.




  1. Dear John,

    I have been always amazed by how far you have reached with the Green School during the past years. Since I first attended your conference in Jakarta, when I was part of the Indonesian Heritage Society, I got really moved by the spirit and truly sustainable ethos of your project, and I was so please to find years later, when I was in Houston working as USGBC researcher and LEED consultant, that your project was getting such a prestigious award as the greenest school in the world.

    I left Houston 8 months ago, and now I am living in Perth, trying to raise another sustainability flag, as I always do wherever my family goes. But this time I have the wonderful opportunity to go back to Bali and this time I wouldn’t like to miss an opportunity to visit the Green School, walk through your idea and see by myself how sustainable architecture meets natural beauty.

    I wonder if my plan are possible and the school will be open during the second week of April, exactly from 6th to 10th, to plan a visit in advance.

    During 20 years of career as Architect, passionate about sustainability and concern about our role creating beauty and well being without stealing them from nature; I have seen how the world has changed and how the new generation is more conscious about the future of their future generations.More cities are growing with green environments, new concepts, great ideas, but the The green School is definitely a unique example of living local, create community, interact with their surroundings and live the legacy.

    I really look forward to hear from you,

    Warm regards,

    Angela Bejarano

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming TED talks Elora. Go girl! You are amazing.

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